Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Space: Never Ceases to Amaze.

This image is way too big to embed.  I'll post one frame of it here, but click HERE to see the whole image.   

Monday, April 6, 2009

Superbaby Exists, Will Destroy Us All.

Pictured above:  Artist's interpretation of grown-up Liam.

Three-year-old Michigan-born Liam Hoekstra has a rare genetic defect called "myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy."  This is just techno-babble for "mutant with super strength."

He can move furniture, hold five-pound weights, and do sit-ups with ease. His body has very little fat and enlarged muscle fibers that make him exceptionally strong. Because of his fast metabolism, Hoekstra needs to eats constantly, as many as six meals a day to avoid a caloric deficit.

He falls without getting hurt.  He can lift pieces of furniture.  He has the quickness of a cat.  He stood up at two days old.  At 5 Months old, he could do the gymnastic move where you hold yourself up on rings at your side.  My only question:  When can mad scientists extract his DNA and create a super-power potion that I can take?


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seriously, Though... Jason, Should I Be Worried?

This is kinda dark, but my thoughts turned immediately to J while reading this story.

Tim Eves was 'jogging' on a Wii Fit games console as Emma Tuck and Lewis Hickin looked on, when he slumped to the floor.
The family were told he could have been killed by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Also known as Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome, it is a disorder of the electrical system of the heart.
Those with the condition are vulnerable to an abnormal heart rhythm. During exercise the heart may stop pumping out blood, causing the brain to become deprived of blood and sudden death. The condition is estimated to kill 500 people a year.

Jason, I know you have a weird heart thing.  And I don't wanna panic you or anything... but please do not ever play the Wii Fit.  (If you ever get the urge to play, just watch someone else play instead.)

By the way, just because there's nothing funny about this post, here's an funny image to enjoy.

100th Post! Combines Something I Love With Something I Hate: Stephen Colbert & Glenn Beck.

I've been hatin' on Glenn Beck since before he moved to Fox News.  (I won't go on some Fox News rant, we all know it is what it is.)  Words cannot truly explain how bat-shit crazy this guy is.  Say what you will about Rush, O'Reilly, etc., but as wrong as those guys usually are, they are sane individuals.  Glenn is far from that category.

For those of you who don't know him (I'm guessing almost everyone reading this), Glenn Beck is a Mormon Conservative/Libertarian who has a radio show and TV program.  He used to be on CNN's Headline News channel, and I would be frequently mesmerized and infuriated, watching him.  He moved to Fox News in January, and in my opinion, the move was LONG overdue.  (Watching him, you'd think you were already tuned in to Fox.)  I could start a list of dumb things he's said over the years, but I will spare you.

Anyway, Colbert skewered him the other night on his show, and it's just fantastic.

Apologies to everyone who isn't interested in political stuff.  I'll post something else after this to make up for it.

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