Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Weight Loss Blog Part 2 (12 Weeks)

After 12 Weeks, my routine has slowed down. I guess this is common with many workout and diet routines. For me, the reason is because I got very busy preparing my house for a move in, so much of my exercise time has been reduced. But I was able to stick to my diet with about 85% accuraccy.

Instead of working out 5 days a week, I'm down to once every two weeks. However, I've been so busy with my house that all the painting, cleaning, moving, putting together furniture, etc, can certainly count as exercise. Considering that, let's say I'm at 2-3 Days a week of exercise.

Diet has been steady. I have a good eating routine and really have changed my eating habits well. I no longer crave the foods that put on the pounds, but I still endulge every now and then on pizza, pasta, and the occassional sweeets. Can't deprive myself either.

Vacation in a week and a half (!!) will be tough. If we eat out at a restaurant, I can order fish or chicken, but it's when we go to Sam's or Snow White's that I'll have to worry about. Of course, we'll be doing a lot of walking, so it shouldn't be too bad. Laying off, or sharing the ice cream and deep fried oreos will be the key.

Anyway, since my workout routine has been damaged due to my busy-ness, I decided to do small things to help. For example, I'm eating more frequently during the day, to increase my metabolism. Instead of eating Raisin Bran and a yogurt for breakfast, I'll have the Raisin Bran and 9 and the Yogurt at 11. Then lunch at one, a fruit cup at 3, and dinner at 5. Should help the metabolism either pick up, or stay level until I can get back into a workout routine.

Total Loss: 29.6 Pounds
Avg Loss: 2.467 Pounds per Week (still in a healthy range)
Belt: Easily on the 4 notch, can't reach the 5th notch, but still I lost almost 3 inches.
Level of Jackedness: Low. Without working out, perhaps some of my weight loss has been muscle. bad.
General Health: Excelellent. I breathe great, feel great, and am much more mobile.
Looks: People still say I look like I lost weight, and I can see it now too.

My goal of hitting 155 is just 4 pounds away. I may be able to do it before vacation if I can find time to work out. If not, I'm not too worried since I made it very far already!